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  • (Almost) 28 Days With An Upright Go

    (Almost) 28 Days With An Upright Go

    Talk about making a rod for your own back … almost a year ago I signed up to the Kickstarter for Upright Go, and didn’t realise that (for various reasons too dull to go into here) Kickstarter was sending all notifications to a defunct email address. So I forgot all about my pledge, and then […]

  • Glif

    I got a fun piece of equipment in the mail today, a Glif from Studio Neat. Studio Neat specialises in little things that you may not have realised were missing from your life, that turn out to be (somewhat) useful. Years ago, I bought a couple of Kosmonauts from them, a chunky stylus that was […]

  • Stryd PowerRace

    Today I installed PowerRace onto my Garmin 235, and it feels like it’s made my Stryd massively more useful as a training tool.

  • Driven to distraction

    My wife located a free Christmas tree via social media, and today I went out to get it, from a condo in Pasir Panjong, about 15 minutes’ drive away. Usually I’d rely on a taxi but today I tried GrabCar, the homegrown-equivalent of Uber. I’ve never had much luck with Uber (generally the drivers fail […]

  • A new television

    I’m not blaming my wife, but she was the last person to touch our television. (We’ve only had it for about 6 years; it came to us secondhand when friends departed Hong Kong, and had survived being carried through Tin Hau, being transported up and down 14 flights of stairs, then being on a container […]

  • Smash smash

    While running this morning, the 7 o’clock alarm began to chime, and so my Spotify app paused. I couldn’t imagine continuing to run without Shaun Ryder and Black Grape, so I fumbled with my phone to unpause it, and inadvertently cast my iPhone onto the ground.  It was less than six months old, and had […]

  • Out with a bang

    I killed our microwave today. Or rather, I switched it on with nothing inside, and there was a flash of light, a loud pop, and the thing didn’t work any more. It had been in the family for a long time; I wrestled it up the stairs into our flat in Hong Kong in 2011, […]

  • I’m not the guy you think I am

    I get adverts piped straight into my Gmail inbox these days, hot piping adverts based on deductions Google has made about me. Delicious, highly relevant ads, like, well, like this one: I’m pretty sure this is not typical dating site. It may even be not a typical dating website. It’s a shame that Google hasn’t […]

  • Training with power – a little test

    I was feeling tired today but I knew I needed to get in a longish run, what with all the drinking and carousing that will follow in the next few days. I also wanted to test out how complicated some of the runs are from my forthcoming marathon schedule, and seeing as one of the […]

  • Oculus Rift playtime

    I sneaked into our Oculus Rift demo room today to see what all the fuss was about. I’d heard lots of negatives about Oculus as a VR platform; the resolution is not high enough, the thing is too damn big, it’ll make you nauseous, so I was expecting to be underwhelmed. I put the headset […]