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  • Running with a Stryd and a Garmin 235

    Tonight I went for my first run in twelve days: ten minutes to run down the street for a kilometre and then back again. There were various aches and pains in my back (possibly working some kinks out there) but I was also reaping the results of a strict chocolate-coated biscuit diet over the past […]

  • Reasons why Windows is better than iOS

    I’ve had my iPhone for a week, while I’ve tolerated Windows Phones for over three years, from before I even had a daughter. That means I’ve used Windows Phone 8, then the wonderful improvement that came with 8.1, and the confusing mix of regressions and improvements that 10 brought. Perhaps because I masochistically clung to […]

  • Nasal irrigation

    I’ve had a bunged up nose for most of my time in Canada this summer, but it reached a nadir in the last few days, leaving me speaking like a caricature of a man with a cold, and gradually growing dumber and deafer. Fortunately one of our friends gave me a nasal rinse and today […]

  • The Kneadmaster

    My wife and I celebrate two anniversaries every year – or at least have two different significant dates to overlook. There’s our wedding on the 30th of July, and there’s also the 1st of March, the day we started dating. I’ve been horribly disorganised this year, whereas my wife was organised enough to have bought […]

  • Yes Dear

    “The whole point of AI –“ “Is being able to ignore your wife without being caught.” “huh?” “Think about it, the Turing test isn’t really designed to see if a computer can pass as a human or not. It’s there to see if you can convincingly feign attention to a conversation.” “That’s not the point” […]

  • Kindle

    I bought a Kindle Voyage while waiting for my plane home at Heathrow last month. This is the third Kindle I’ve owned; the first two were both third- or fourth- generation devices, one with only Wifi and no touchscreen, and the second with 3G and a touchscreen. Both had displays that were a dull grey, […]

  • The Weight Of Technological Advance

    This is a picture of my HP laptop that I bought in 2006, with my daughter, delivered in 2013, taken on my Nokia 920 phone (originally released in 2012). The laptop weighed slightly more than my daughter when she was born. It had half the RAM and the same storage as my phone (although my […]

  • Painting with Microsoft

    I bought a Microsoft Surface back in January, and one of the toys it comes with is Fresh Paint, a painting app which you can use the included stylus to paint with. I tried it out in a Microsoft Store in Bellevue almost a year ago and was resolutely unimpressed, but I’ve come to find […]

  • Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor

    While in the States, I bought some new toys for myself, including a Microsoft Wireless Display Adaptor. That’s a long and imposing name for what could be more easily called a Magic Invisible Monitor Cable. But then Microsoft have never been famous for catchy marketing.

  • Farewell, Forerunner 210

    Alas, my poor Garmin, I’ve drowned you in sweat. I had a Garmin Forerunner 210 for a couple of years; I bought it when I lost my enormous Forerunner 305, a silver and maroon housebrick of a device that I lost on holiday in Chiang Mai. (Well, mislaid: it showed up in a backpack a […]