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  • Building The Voice Of God

    This is what we all need drones for: cruel, pointless revenge for minor slights. We equip a drone with a high-gain RFID antenna, so it can fly at fifty feet and track and follow a particular RFID tag. The next time somebody shoves past us, or does something else to irritate us, we pat them […]

  • Careless tweets a police matter

    Technology ruins everything – here’s somebody else in trouble with the police for tweeting vague threats at an airline: How we all miss those halcyon days of youth, when all us little children would gambol together on the village green, in between phoning in bomb hoaxes to the authorities. And now they grow up […]

  • Discombobulated

    In about seven hours, a taxi will pick me up from my parents’ house in the suburbs of South London, and then deposit me at Heathrow, where I’ll be processed through check in and bag drop and security and departure lounge and airplane, and then probably end up in Miami International Airport. I haven’t been […]

  • Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Apart From Plausible Deniability?)

    I discovered Dumbest Tweets today, which was highly amusing, although it can be distracting to have the unmitigated sewer pipe of Twitter curated and fed to you. A few thoughts, a propos of that, Squid Ink, and discussions with colleagues: There’s room for a natural language based service that gives you plausible deniability the next […]

  • Chromecast

    Today I installed a Chromecast on the television in our living room.

  • Out in the woods

    This evening, we drove out to a set of trees that had been decorated for Christmas. In the middle of Colorado, where houses are scarce, most of the Christmas decorations look insignificant, dwarfed by the darkness around them, but this particular thicket of trees felt very impressive. I don’t want to harp on about it, […]

  • Misfit Shine (on you crazy diamond)

    Three months and seven days ago, our Misfit Shine was delivered. I think it’s the coolest fitness monitoring gadget on the market right now – unlike the plasticky bracelets of the Fitbit and the Fuelband, it’s an apparently featureless, anodised metal disc, like some sort of alien artefact. My wife was very pleased with it: […]

  • Remote control parents

    Technology is a wonderful thing. No one would have believed in the last years of the previous century that their bedrooms were being watched keenly and closely by their relatives in foreign countries. (Cue the introduction from Jeff Wayne’s War Of The Worlds.) Yet now it’s normal, convenient even, for me to Skype my parents […]

  • Lifestyle guidance from the 1980s

    Apparently, my life is not yet full enough of things to do, so this afternoon I posted on Facebook the following status: Ask me any question you like, and I will attempt to answer, using only the lyrics from Pet Shop Boys songs And then I waited to see what would happen next.

  • Struggling with email

    There was a concert in the square beneath our apartment this evening. It started at around 6:30 and concluded at 10:30. I think it was a concert, but it could have been the first ever commercial spaceship full of Chinese tourists, preparing for launch into outer space; incredibly loud, with a myriad of flashing lights […]