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  • Misfit Shine

    A big FedEx padded envelope arrived today, containing a very small black box. Finally, months after I’d paid to their Indiegogo campaign, Misfit had shipped me a Shine, perhaps the most minimalist gadget I’ve ever purchased.

  • Windows Phone : what to like?

    It’s been over a month since I got my Nokia 920, long enough to familiarize myself with it and to start to understand what’s good and what’s not so good with it.

  • Teased, disappointed by Asus

    Yesterday I went to the Asus support centre to pick up my laptop. They’d replaced the keyboard and the front plate, whatever that was, and at last, the S key worked again. I checked that, signed off on the form and took it home. Today, I wanted to do some writing. I turned it on. […]

  • A new phone at last

    Yesterday I bought a new phone, after suffering my Blackberry and its vile construction quality for the last 15 months. As I’ve earlier written about my desire to disappoint and enrage myself, I didn’t go the easy route of buying an iPhone like everyone else, but instead got a Lumia 920. I did this for […]

  • Awesome enough to disappoint?

    As part of Google’s I/O event, they announced the Auto-Awesome feature for Google Plus. I met a Googler for coffee this afternoon, and that was what he told me about when I asked him what cool things had been announced. Auto-Awesome is part of the ever-improving photo management facilities on Google Plus. It’s designed to […]

  • Disappointed once again

    I’m beginning to worry that I crave disappointment.

  • Looking for the new new new thing

    I attended a Digital Dinner this evening, in a crypt off Bleeding Heart Square. This was close to Hatton Garden, which was where I spent many happy days as a young tyke, filing tax records for my father, and strangely is now near the headquarters of, my first employer. It’s also (I think) the […]

  • Sulking and coding don’t mix

    I had an unsuccessful hour of trying to teach myself R today. I’m trying to build a tool to scrape information out of Twitter and then do clever things with it, but sadly it’s not working. What’s more frustrating is that it used to work. Then I upgraded.

  • Sick of returning to vomit

    I’m coming down with a cold, which is a ridiculous thing to happen in a tropical country. I have muscular pains in my legs, my head aches and my voice is deterioating into a whisper. I’ve taken vitamin C, paracetamol and chocolate and still I feel quite, quite grotty.