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  • The Four

    I read several books this weekend, one of them The Four by Scott Galloway. Scott Galloway is a professor at NYU Stern Business School, and also makes entertaining videos on Youtube where he explains the world of Silicon Valley through the medium of wearing a wig and miming to Adele. No, really. That’s how I […]

  • I, too, was there – Chaos Monkeys

    In what may have been an act of self-destructive stupidity, I read Chaos Monkeys on the plane on the way to San Francisco, ahead of my first visit to Facebook HQ. If ever there was something to smash the bright eyed idealism that accompanies the start of a new job and replace it with world […]

  • Day Five

    I was feeling pretty tired on the way to work today, a function of spending the week stuffing information into my brain and trying to make sense of being in an office all day long. Still, I had my breakfast, remarked to myself again on how spoilt this could make me, and then went through […]

  • Day Four

    As my fourth day draws to a close (another day without any corporate swag – how can one stand it?), and the mental fatigue brought on by adjusting to being in an office and thinking about things every day rather than just lying on the sofa and idly pontificating at the children sets in, I’m […]

  • Day Three

    On the downside, I didn’t get any corporate branded merchandise today. On the upside, when I went to the cafeteria today, there were clouds of dry ice vapours everywhere, and they were making dessert using liquid nitrogen (which doesn’t taste of much) and chocolate and fruit puree. I’ll know when I’m jaded and unappreciative of […]

  • Day Two

    Last night I spent too much time stressing over intractable technical problems, but I woke this morning to find them all resolved, which indicates sleeping through difficulties is often the best way forward. I woke at 5:45 with no chance of going back to sleep, so I faffed about for a bit then went for […]

  • Day One Again

    Today was my first day of work at Facebook, and I woke at 5:30 in the morning, not because I was filled with nervousness and trepidation, but because jet lag and falling asleep at 10pm and because poor grammar decisions. There was nothing to eat in the house (except for a bag of rotten pumpkin […]

  • Of loss, and Facebook changing how we befriend people

    The whole family is exhausted. My wife and I both stayed up far too late last night, then this morning after breakfast I went to a spin class that left me shattered, taking an hour to shower and waddle home afterwards. La Serpiente refused to sleep for more than 45 minutes at naptime, which meant […]

  • Everything is up in the air

    Facebook now misses me so much that today I got an email asking if I knew my wife and wanted to add her as a friend. Because, obviously, I’d not really truly love her until our relationship was mediated through a series of mutual status updates, pokes and photo tags. It’s been less than two […]

  • Living Well Is The Best Revenge (Apart From Plausible Deniability?)

    I discovered Dumbest Tweets today, which was highly amusing, although it can be distracting to have the unmitigated sewer pipe of Twitter curated and fed to you. A few thoughts, a propos of that, Squid Ink, and discussions with colleagues: There’s room for a natural language based service that gives you plausible deniability the next […]