Day Five

I was feeling pretty tired on the way to work today, a function of spending the week stuffing information into my brain and trying to make sense of being in an office all day long. Still, I had my breakfast, remarked to myself again on how spoilt this could make me, and then went through another day of meetings.

These have been really enjoyable: a succession of braindumps from smart and motivated people, and although there’s a lot to process it feels like there’s quite a lot of order to it. I think back to my first week at Expedia, where I got given some SQL and told to get on with it. Things were different then, partly because I was a contractor, effectively a hired gun brought in to batter information out of databases any which way, and possibly because ten years’ distance gives all kinds of distortion to perspective.

This evening I had a few drinks with some of my team. That was a gentle end to the week, although there’s the threat of more next week, as we organise a co-worker’s send off. And this will be my last mention of the office for a while, as I expect there’s diminishing return in boasting about the quality of my lunch each day, and over time there will be more stuff I shouldn’t mention in public. I’ll return to recording my perspiration for posterity, that sort of thing.

The last thing to note is that I’ve had no time to be bored this week. For a long time, I’ve had this addiction to my RSS reader, constantly checking it in hope of some stimulation, from the moment I wake until I fall asleep. This week, I’ve had to force myself to check it once a day. It’s nice not to need distractions.

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