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  • Life on planes

    When I boarded UA1 in San Francisco, I was so tired that, despite my best efforts, I soon fell asleep, waking later with a sore neck to find I’d folded forwards like a prawn and drooled into my t-shirt. I did at least have he window seat in a bulkhead row, but there’s not enough […]

  • Day Five

    I was feeling pretty tired on the way to work today, a function of spending the week stuffing information into my brain and trying to make sense of being in an office all day long. Still, I had my breakfast, remarked to myself again on how spoilt this could make me, and then went through […]

  • Stuck in phone hell

    I’m trying to book flights to Hong Kong for the Easter weekend. I’ve got enough frequent flyer points for my wife and I, but I don’t have enough to pay for my daughter, and that’s a problem. It’s a problem because the designers of Cathay Pacific’s website never included the functionality there to book an […]

  • This didn’t happen: a short history of time wasted

    For a time, when I was bored or couldn’t sleep or had nothing better to do, I would play Solitaire on my iPod. This was a dreadful thing, in so many ways. The user interface was miserable: move virtual playing cards around an inch-high screen by rubbing your thumb in circular motions. It was boring. […]

  • Fast is sometimes too much

    I’m flying to Seattle in less than 36 hours, and I’d quite like to avoid jet lag while I’m there. On my last trip to London, I discovered the singular joy of a fresh set of clothes in my carry-on bag. Even having to change in an airport toilet, wearing clean unrumpled clothes did wonders […]