Stuck in phone hell

I’m trying to book flights to Hong Kong for the Easter weekend. I’ve got enough frequent flyer points for my wife and I, but I don’t have enough to pay for my daughter, and that’s a problem. It’s a problem because the designers of Cathay Pacific’s website never included the functionality there to book an infant onto a flight if they weren’t accompanied by a paying adult, perhaps assuming the kind of person with small kids won’t ever have a frequent flyer account.

So I have to call them up, because if my wife tries to use her phone then La Serpiente Aquatica Negra screams at her, and the only time I have to do that is when I get back from the office and dinners with clients and after other calls with London, which is why at well past midnight local time I’m listening to crappy on hold music over Skype and wondering what unlucky person is working in a call centre in Hong Kong at 11pm and waiting to answer my call.

Then again, this is amazing use of technology. Half an hour ago my wife and I were able to watch a motorcycle race together, despite being thousands of miles apart, and now I can sit alone and listen to staticky New Age music chunter along and wonder what I’m doing with my life.

It’s been a long day. I got up at seven and did another fifteen minutes in the gym. I think probably because I was not recovered fully from travel and going hard at it in the gym yesterday I struggled to run today, not even managing to hit 5 minute kilometre pace.

I had just enough time to shower and shave before going out for breakfast, then heading to the office for wall-to-wall meetings, culminating in a three hour client call that I contributed about five sentences to. They were good sentences, but probably didn’t entirely justify my presence.

This evening when I came back to the hotel I had another client meeting, then dinner, and although that was a fairly calm affair, I didn’t get back to the hotel room until almost 10:30, when my next call started. I suppose that does make me more productive. If having meetings is a measure of productivity.

Still, the motorcycle race was very entertaining, with a number of unexpected crashes and an edge-of-the-seat finale where a rider who had worked his way up from 20th place narrowly missed third. Plus I got to see my wife, so all in all it was a most satisfactory end to the evening.

And then I called the call centre, and nobody has answered the phone for 22 minutes. I think at 30 minutes I’ll abandon this quixotic quest, and go to bed. Maybe somebody is more likely to answer the phone in the morning.

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