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  • Rough night, slow day

    Last night La Serpiente and Destroyer both woke up, about 2am, and I spent my night bustling between them and then sleeping on La Serpiente’s floor (Destroyer climbed in next to her mother, recognising weakness, and snuggled up to her). So when I woke at 7:15 this morning, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.

  • Almost time for launch

    This morning I related my conversation from yesterday to a colleague. “Well, you don’t have any EQ” she said. I had the last laugh, because only people who don’t have any EQ would be confident in making bold statements about other people lacking EQ. Oh, hang on. That’s not right…

  • I’m not the guy you think I am

    I get adverts piped straight into my Gmail inbox these days, hot piping adverts based on deductions Google has made about me. Delicious, highly relevant ads, like, well, like this one: I’m pretty sure this is not typical dating site. It may even be not a typical dating website. It’s a shame that Google hasn’t […]

  • I love you so please shut up

    First, a history lesson: There is no such thing as a bad idea on the internet, just an idea that isn’t ready yet.  Back in 2000, Urbanfetch and Kozmo both had the same idea – (similar to the point that one sued the other) that you could make money by delivering things to people as […]

  • Nervous flyer

    I have a flight at 2am tomorrow morning to Tokyo. That’s not the bad bit. The bad bit is that I’m flying with JAL, and JAL have the most aggravating website I’ve used for some time. It’s impossible for me to check in online, which means it’s impossible for me to get out of the […]

  • Some minor frustrations

    I had been planning to go for a run this evening, but what with not leaving the office until 7, and then having to feed and water the kids, and after La Serpiente went to sleep at 9, going back to the office to scan in some forms that I need for Destroyer’s insurance claim, […]

  • Lost in the ether

    I wrote a specification document about a month ago for a friend who wanted to do some analysis of some regulations in a country a long way away. I sent it to him, went off on holiday, and never heard anything back. Well, I thought, that was a little bit disappointing, but perhaps he was […]

  • What we talk about when we talk about loss

    My wife lost her phone today. She still had the ability to communicate with me because I read all my email on my phone, so she could cajole and plead with me to call her phone to help her find it. I rang it repeatedly to no avail, and eventually when I came home from […]

  • Possibly leaving on a jet plane

    One problem with adding an extra member to your family is that if you’ve booked flights to take your family home for the summer, you then have to tell the airlines that you’ve increased the number of members you have. That meant we lost an hour of our lives this evening, first talking to Air […]

  • How To Peel An Avocado And Other Dangerous Pastimes

    This evening I stabbed myself with a kitchen knife. Fortunately, the end of the knife is properly blunt from all the abuse we’ve meted out to it over the last couple of years, so I didn’t draw blood, but did have a paroxysm of swearing in the kitchen while my wife was putting our daughter […]