Some minor frustrations

I had been planning to go for a run this evening, but what with not leaving the office until 7, and then having to feed and water the kids, and after La Serpiente went to sleep at 9, going back to the office to scan in some forms that I need for Destroyer’s insurance claim, and then coming home and losing half an hour of my life trying to log into my Paypal account, and only then getting a phone call from a client and spending another half hour setting the world to rights, it got to 11:45 in the evening without me feeling I’d really had a moment to myself.

But on the positive side, it’s been more than 24 hours without a vomitting incident, and I haven’t lapsed and eaten another Terry’s Chocolate Orange. Yet.

What keeps you going at times like this is the wonderful rapport that you have with your spouse, where you can just sit together, communicating silently, not needing to say a single word … oh, she’s passed out after a day womanhandling the daughters, including a frustrating trip to the post office that was 2 minutes late to get an important letter sent, and half an hour in telephone hell, trying to get an answer out of the administrative department of a hospital. Did I mention that things were a little frustrating right now?

We had friends over this evening, which was good, because it provided a little bit of perspective. Of course, it’s pretty bad when your friends are mere moments from becoming parents, and you’re a pair of human husks, staggering about bemoaning your exhaustion while trying to keep your kids from eating one another. Ah, the joy of parenthood.

I did go and buy a sandwich today, which got me out the office for fifteen minutes. It wasn’t a very good sandwich, but I resisted the temptation to eat a lot of cake at the same time. Sadly, I think I’m wasting all my willpower on not eating sugar, and not enough on more important things. It has to get better. It has to get better.

Or I start on the sugar again…

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