Possibly leaving on a jet plane

One problem with adding an extra member to your family is that if you’ve booked flights to take your family home for the summer, you then have to tell the airlines that you’ve increased the number of members you have. That meant we lost an hour of our lives this evening, first talking to Air Canada, and then being told by them that we had to speak to Expedia, and then spending 45 minute on hold with an Expedia call centre agent, who eventually told us that we had to call Air Canada. And that we couldn’t do that until 3 days before the flight departs.

Now, the problem with that is that on international flights, infants are usually charged at 10% of the price of a full fare ticket. As airfares go up and up closer to the date of travel, and as planes get fuller and fuller, we didn’t really want to wait until then to book, and to then find there were no baby bassinets available. We even called Air Canada to check this back in June, before Butterball Destroyer was born, and were told then that this would be fine, so the volte-face now is particularly aggravating.

What I think this means is that we call Air Canada back on Monday and screech at them until we get escalated to somebody who can help, as opposed to somebody who wants to try to shift the work to somewhere else. So much for helpful Canadians.

Then, because I love frustration, I tried the same with British Airways (we’re flying Singapore – London, London – Halifax, Halifax – London, London – Singapore because we love jet lag). After some minutes of crappy Greensleeves I got through to a human being, who told me that as I’d booked the tickets through Expedia, I had to talk to them. Once bitten, twice shy – I told her that I’d spoken to Expedia and they said I had to speak to the airline directly.

(OK, I’d spoken to Expedia about a different airline – but I was keen to see how this would play out.)

She then acquiesced and went through Butterball Destroyer’s amendment to the flight. Which, as it didn’t involve talking to Expedia at all, makes me even more sceptical about the (un)helpful Air Canada rep we spoke to before.

We got all the way through Butterball’s details (and the strange revelation that a lap infant gets 21kg of hold luggage but no carry-on) and she was just about to take my credit card details when the Skype connection failed. I was filled with rage and frustration – and then she called me back. Joy of joys!

My joy was shortlived, as BA couldn’t use my credit card to process the transaction. Or any of the other credit cards I dug out of a drawer where I’d been keeping them for just this sort of tomfoolery. So after three attempts, she gave me a booking reference and put it through to her back end department, to process in the next 24 hours, and I went and called my credit card companies, who told me there had been no transactions attempted or declined. Even stranger…

And now it’s time for bed. Actually, it was time for bed two hours ago (we got woken up by a tremendous storm at 6 this morning and have been going hard at it since). At least this evening La Serpiente went down with very little struggle. (Well, 15 minutes of crying followed by 45 minutes for asking for cuddles, but that’s a lot better than 45 minutes of crying and face-pushing followed by 15 minutes of cuddles.) And on we go…

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  1. Why do airlines make travel so complicated ? But congratulations to you in persevering. Maybe they had the Friday enthusiasm for complicated procedures. Good luck on Monday.

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