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  • Possibly leaving on a jet plane

    One problem with adding an extra member to your family is that if you’ve booked flights to take your family home for the summer, you then have to tell the airlines that you’ve increased the number of members you have. That meant we lost an hour of our lives this evening, first talking to Air […]

  • Late start

    I got up late this morning, then rushed out the door. In a bid to avoid the washing up, we went up the road to Ronin, which has the best eggs in town. It also has a large square rectangular umbrella stand, which our daughter loves to stand inside, for no reason I can imagine. […]

  • Over too soon

    I got up this morning and went for a run. Because I knew I was light on willpower, I arranged to meet a friend part way round the route, to ensure I couldn’t wimp out. I didn’t have quite enough willpower to get up on time, so I was in a pointless rush to leave […]