Late start

I got up late this morning, then rushed out the door. In a bid to avoid the washing up, we went up the road to Ronin, which has the best eggs in town.

It also has a large square rectangular umbrella stand, which our daughter loves to stand inside, for no reason I can imagine. Put her in her cot at night and she’ll rage; place her in an umbrella stand, far from a supply of fresh scrambled eggs, and she’s abundantly happy.

After breakfast, we walked over to my office. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra refused to get in her stroller, so I put her on my shoulders and carried her. There was a time when this wasn’t an unalloyed joy for her, and she’d struggle and try to jump down, but now she’s quite happy to ride her father around the city. I’m now strong enough to cope with her weight, although it’s really uncomfortable to have to hold both my arms up to keep her attached. Maybe I could just use duct tape to secure her.

Once you’ve carried your child through the central business district of any city, you’ll be quite worn out, so the coffee I drank was quite useless. I made it through the day without keeling over, but it was a close run thing.

This evening was the first time since Sunday that I managed to give our daughter a bath and a proper bedtime story. Well, a chapter of Ben Aaronovitch’s Harry Potter-joins-the-Metropolitan-Police saga. I guess that’s age-appropriate.

This evening we then played two rounds of Space Hulk, and both times humanity lost against monstrous four armed aliens. Oh well. At least that counts as a draw.

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