Rough night, slow day

Last night La Serpiente and Destroyer both woke up, about 2am, and I spent my night bustling between them and then sleeping on La Serpiente’s floor (Destroyer climbed in next to her mother, recognising weakness, and snuggled up to her). So when I woke at 7:15 this morning, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.
I took La Serpiente to school, but since my wife’s ankle is crocked, I also had to go fetch La Serpiente. We missed the bus back so we walked home; at 3:30 in the afternoon the sun’s rays were harsh, but luckily she had her sunglasses, and I had a pair of navy chinos and a black shirt, so by the time we got back I was wrecked.

It only took my Grab driver half an hour to find me, because he went to the wrong road. This is a pretty impressive excuse, because there is only one Cantonment Road in Singapore and I am pretty sure I specified it, and didn’t type an address into the app like "big building somewhere or other". Every other driver I’ve had has managed this; I’m not sure if I’m just getting the dumb ones now.

Thus, I wasn’t operating at my best at the office today. The capper on all this was when I went to get the train home, and after it sat in the station for ten minutes, a confusing message came on about how services past Queenstown would have a 25 minute delay, and then we went into the tunnel and stopped again for ten minutes. I got off at the next station, where an announcement was being made that my train wasn’t affected by delays. By now I just wanted home, so I set off in search of an obike to get me there.

There’s lots of them parked around Raffles Place according to the app, but I didn’t take them, because it was getting dark and I imagine if a bicycle is invisible, maybe the drivers won’t see it either and so it wouldn’t be safe to ride an imaginary obike home. Wishing I didn’t have an injured foot, I limped home and found an obike 300m from our front door. I took it out of principle, then discovered the seat had been loosened. Which was nice.

Got home, kids screamed, had baths, went to bed. Same again tomorrow, I guess.

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