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  • Oh, oh obikes

    Both children slept well last night, so it was with a decent mood and almost a spring in my step that I took La Serpiente to school. She told me I couldn’t ride a hire bicycle anywhere because I didn’t have my helmet, so I waited until I’d dropped her off and then rented one […]

  • Rough night, slow day

    Last night La Serpiente and Destroyer both woke up, about 2am, and I spent my night bustling between them and then sleeping on La Serpiente’s floor (Destroyer climbed in next to her mother, recognising weakness, and snuggled up to her). So when I woke at 7:15 this morning, I wasn’t exactly thrilled.

  • Ohyesbike

    Today, after yesterday’s disappointment, I gave obike another chance. I dropped La Serpiente off at school, looked for a nearby bike on the app, and set off to find it, walking down an alleyway in Tiong Bahru liberally studded with dog turds. The bike I found was parked outside the door of a flat, right […]

  • Ohnobike

    An app-based bicycle rental company has launched in Singapore. (Savour that sentence for a moment, a series of words that would have made little sense a decade ago.) It’s called obike and they’ve put white and yellow bicycles all over the island. You sign up to their app on your phone, then scan the QR […]