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  • Reasons why Windows is better than iOS

    I’ve had my iPhone for a week, while I’ve tolerated Windows Phones for over three years, from before I even had a daughter. That means I’ve used Windows Phone 8, then the wonderful improvement that came with 8.1, and the confusing mix of regressions and improvements that 10 brought. Perhaps because I masochistically clung to […]

  • Connecting to postgres databases on remote Windows machines

    There are three things you need to do to connect to a postgres server on a different Windows machine. The first two are clearly documented, the third is assumed. However, depending on how your environment is configured, the third may be an utter pain of headbanging annoyance until you realise how simple it is. Also, […]

  • Windows Phone : what to like?

    It’s been over a month since I got my Nokia 920, long enough to familiarize myself with it and to start to understand what’s good and what’s not so good with it.

  • Teased, disappointed by Asus

    Yesterday I went to the Asus support centre to pick up my laptop. They’d replaced the keyboard and the front plate, whatever that was, and at last, the S key worked again. I checked that, signed off on the form and took it home. Today, I wanted to do some writing. I turned it on. […]