Tears before bedtime

Tonight, La Serpiente was reading a book on the couch when we told her it was time to brush her teeth. So she didn’t get up, and I brushed Destroyer’s teeth first. I kind of wish I hadn’t, because then we endured half an hour of wailing and screaming from La Serpiente because she wanted to have her teeth brushed first and this was the most unfair thing that had ever happened.

I suppose I should be glad that they’re arguing about who gets to follow dental hygiene standards. Things could be a lot worse.

With both girls asleep, I went downstairs and read the last 150 pages of The Liar’s Dictionary, a lovely little novel I got for my birthday; a comic novel about words and manners and (sometimes) cats. One of the cats we’re looking after lay on my lap until my legs didn’t work any more, and the day ended calmly. (It didn’t start great, what with waking up at 4 am and not being able to get back to sleep, but worrying will do that to you. And I know that things will turn out right, I just have to get through to the end of the year…)

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