Testing time

I had to get a blood test today, so after having no breakfast I walked down to the hospital in Ballard, arriving about half an hour early. To save time hanging around in waiting areas, they have an app so you check in, then get a text when it’s time to go to the lab for your test.

So I checked in. And waited.

And waited.

And waited some more. Perhaps I was more agitated than usual because I’d had no breakfast (a fasted blood test requirement). When it was 15 minutes after my scheduled time and no text had come, I went into the hospital .

It was odd in there, the corridors almost devoid of people, except every time there was a person, they’d overtake me and then it would turn out they were also heading to the lab, and so my queue was going to get longer. Eventually I made it there, and a man with a beard protruding from his face mask took my blood, and I fled to the street, where I had a most unsatisfying doughnut at Mighty O (they all taste like they’re made from wholemeal flour and are trying to be virtuous, which is barmy for a doughnut), and walked back home

The kids had been tidying the house and were mostly good all day. They played in the park, we all rode to the grocery store together, and they went to sleep super quickly tonight. So an easy Saturday. I’m not sure how we’ll entertain them tomorrow though.

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