The Day After The Night Before

I had an …. eventful night. My wife laughed at every remonstration and refused to get off the living room floor. Eventually I gave up, propped her up with a pillow, left her Destroyer’s water bottle to sip from, and wen track to bed. And after five minutes La Serpiente woke and came in to see me, and then after an unsuccessful attempt to get her back to sleep, I ended up lying on her floor until 6:45, 15 minutes after my alarm started going off. After all that, she declined to go to parkrun with me.

My wife woke up still happy, the booze coursing through her veins, so I went to East Coast, ran a 20:30, and came straight back. Instead of repeating the mistake of a few weeks ago where I didn’t eat anything til midday and then felt dreadful and tetchy all day long, we went straight to Ronin, did not pass Go, ate a huge plate of eggs and then went back home, where as I’d planned it La Serpiente went straight to sleep.

And woke up 45 minutes later, just as the hangover was creasing my wife’s brow. Destroyer was also kicking off (having refused to nap at all), so I told my wife to put on Peppa Pig and retreat to bed, while I strapped Destroyer to my chest and took 16 books back to Queenstown Library, returning an hour later with a raft of books and a sleeping child, who I woke in the interests of sanity at 4pm.

Again, rage ensued, but I was past caring, so I took her to a Mexican restaurant and made her watch me eat a taco, a solitary tear rolling down her cheek. After all, we had a babysitter tonight so all the angst would be redirected when it got to bed time.

Except our babysitter had food poisoning and had to cancel, and instead we had a sleepover at our friends’ house, which was fine for La Serpiente, who went berserk then crashed like a rock, but not so good for Destroyer, who didn’t sleep until almost eleven. I had an allergic reaction to life or some such and sneezed constantly for four hours, but I won at Carcassone for the first time ever, so yay for me.

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