The Party Doesn’t Stop

This evening I had a work call at nine. However, some strange quirk of my computer, or my home internet connection, or Google Hangouts, or Mondays, or some strange combination of them, meant that although everyone else on the call could see and hear me, I couldn’t see or hear them. This does lead to some rather one-sided conversations. After some time, I gave up, restarted Chrome, still couldn’t hear anyone, gave up, restarted my computer, still couldn’t hear anyone, gave up, and turned my computer off for the night.

It was nine thirty, so I figured I should try to get some exercise. I went down to the 26th floor and ran around the track in the sky. I found it very hard tonight; maybe it was the heat, the humidity and the still air, or having sat at my desk all day with my legs turning to cheese, or all the leftover cupcakes from our daughter’s party that I ate today.

Whatever the reason for it, I ran like I had legs of concrete. I was very, very sluggish. I had hoped to run for half an hour but all I could manage was twelve minutes of slow jogging before I had to admit defeat and go back upstairs. There I had important duties to fulfil : putting compression socks onto my wife’s swelling feet, and then lying exhausted on the bed. All this parenting is very, very glamorous.

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