The price ain’t always right

I got a call from my internet provider today, telling me about a great offer. Right now we pay $75 a month and have no issues with the speed of the connection. For the low low price of $125 per month we could have three times the speed, and access to a bunch of TV we don’t have time to watch.
I was less than impressed with this, and so the guy on the phone suggested they had a package that included Netflix. Now, I pay about $15 per month for Netflix, on top of the internet fee, so I suppose if the new offer was less than $90, I’d be happy. I have a sinking feeling that it’s going to be more than $90 and I’m going to have to change internet provider, which is a mild disruption but for a commodity like this, where they want a 66% increase (as a customer retention fee?) I don’t see why I’d stick around.

So that will be a fun call when they ring me back tomorrow.

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