I woke to the news of the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. For the last couple of days, as news got worse and worse, I’d been avoiding all news, the feeling of powerlessness in the face of this growing worse and worse. Now, I suppose, all we can do is hope for a swift resolution.
Today was also the day that I picked up our new car, which feels trivial in comparison. While the world goes to wrack and ruin, I’m getting a shiny new toy …

We also moved house today, again. Our friends are returning from their holiday, Waffles is going insane at the thought of being alone in the house without humans, the cat in the next door neighbours’ house is yowling like crazy, and I’m watching Old Boy on Netflix to keep Waffles company until he falls asleep, and then I can go home, and not eat until ten o’clock tomorrow when I have a blood test. Odd days.

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