To the beach

This morning we were without the kids, so we went for an unsatisfactory coffee, an ok pie and a superlative doughnut before going home to the girls. I was pretty exhausted but my wife made me drag my sorry carcass to the beach.
The girls love the beach. The sand, the splashing waves, the sun…. basically, all the things I detest about the beach. All that would be required to complete this would be for them to enjoy seeing washed up Portuguese man’o:war jellyfish.

Still, I did my best, swinging my children in the air above the waves and writing their names in the sand, but it was with some relief when it was time to go home. Sadly, this savage nation doesn’t believe in proper food at the beach so instead of being able to buy a Cornetto to sooth my frazzled nerves, there was nothing but poutine and fish and chips.

Oh, and we went to the library today to borrow the town banjo, but there’s a waiting list. What other madness is there?

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