Too much sitting down

I had a ludicrous set of meetings today, starting at 7am and proceeding until 3:30 with hardly a break. I felt tetchy by the end, stressed at having to pay attention, my stomach roiling from over spicy food, my body sore from too much sitting, my spirit basically crushed. And tomorrow, I have another 7am meeting, where again, I have no major role apart from showing up to cover somebody who’s off work from next week. So psychologically, this is draining.
To perk myself up, I had a couple of games of Blood Bowl. I lost the first 1-0, after a first half where I couldn’t do anything apart from watch the other team run rings around me, and then the second match was an ill advised palate cleanser where I lost 3-1 (and almost 4-1) which is a lot to bear. There I was thinking it would perk me up.

Still, I almost kicked my Cyberpunk addiction, by only playing for 10 minutes today. Although the choice of utter frustration for two hours, or cool graphics and getting to beat up computer generated villains … I can see why I fell off the Blood Bowl wagon for a while.

And so to bed. Six hours until I have to get up again, not looking forward to it.

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