Trails and ears

After being cooped up yesterday, I wanted to get the girls out of the house, so we drove over to Bridle Trails in Redmond. I had made the mistake of thinking it was Bridal Trails, but instead this park, as the name suggests, was an arboreal gem, filled with horseshit.

Everywhere we walked, for an hour and a half, there was horseshit There were very few horses, mysteriously enough, so perhaps industrious Redmondians are out spreading manure on the trails to keep them well fertilised.

After insital resistance, the girls were very happy, especially when they found a mound of earth to run up and down repeatedly. I sat there in the pleasant sunshine and worried about the future of the human race. Then we went home again.

La Serpiente’s unicycling continues to improve. Both children’s moods were better for a while, then turned bolshy. La Serpiente declared that she didn’t want dinner, so we sent her to bed at 6. When she began howling in pain an hour later I began to regret this a little, or at least accept it was the pain that was responsible for her belligerence and not a character failing. She wept for a time, then I drove to the pharmacy and bought child paracetamol, returning just after she fell asleep.

Then at 1130 Destroyer woke up and went looking for us, couldn’t find us in our bed and started screaming, mercifully not waking up La Serpiente. It’s going to be a week, isn’t it?

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