Turn on

Finally, we got the go ahead from Seattle City Light, and I could turn the big red switch to enable my solar panels to start feeding electricity to the grid. Blue and yellow lights flickered on the inverter (a white metal box on the side of our house) and at long last, our roof decoration was doing something!
It’s more than a little ironic that it’s generating electricity just as we get into the dark days of winter, but you can’t have everything. At least somebody else is paying for my solar panels for the first year, which softens the blow considerably.

Aside from this, the day went a little sluggishly. I did a few pull ups, recovered some from yesterday’s exertions, didn’t try to kill myself on my bike. So I can’t complain. I also got a game of Blood Bowl in, but the person I played spent so long complaining that he always had terrible luck that I couldn’t bear to play him, and allowed him to beat me. I don’t think I’ve let somebody’s moaning go that far before. Once he was winning he was happy again, and it makes it hard to criticise without sounding like it’s just sour grapes, but I took things very easy on him because he seemed so down, and it’s a bit annoying to not have that acknowledged. But whatever. It stands as a reminder not to get feelings of entitlement about winning. I still had to go for a walk afterward to clear my head….

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