Two steps forward…

This evening we tried to reconnect the dishwasher to power. That succeeded, but in doing so we punctured the waste water pipe for the dishwasher so we still can’t use it to run dishes. Slowly, we approach the next stage of rewiring the house.
This evening, the girls in bed and allegedly asleep, I drove once again to Home Depot, bought some ground bars for inside the panel, some circuit breakers (eyewateringly expensive, but would you prefer to not have your house protected against surges and electrocution?) and then came home, where my exhausted wife was finishing the washing up.

So, an exciting evening by any account. I’m hoping we have a uneventful, quiet weekend with lots of sleep. But probably not: we have calls with contractors to figure out the remaining costs for the renovation, we have to go pick out more wood for the porch and look at siding materials, decide on heaters for the extension and the basement, … so many things! It’ll be over by Christmas, right?

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