Unicorns, leaves, pumpkins

Today I woke sore, which suggests doing lots of squats while wearing a VR headset may have been more taxing than I’d thought. I suppose that indicates VR fitness may be more effective than my first session suggested – indeed, if you’re getting a good workout without noticing, that’s a powerful upgrade. Or I just didn’t sleep well with the kids incessantly coming in and asking me to take them back to bed.
This afternoon, once class was finished, I took Destroyer next door and raked leaves. Last year we bought a pair of plastic garden claws, a couple of plastic plates that look like the least attractive cymbals you’ve ever seen, and allow you to scoop up leaves much more efficiently than trying to grab with your hands.

Destroyer loves this, referring to them as "Munchie", some imaginary character who likes eating dead leaves. So, having picked up most of the leaves in our back garden, I have her an opportunity to pick up more in our neighbours’.

This was good exercise for me, as I raked the leaves into piles for her to pick up, and a break from screens for both of us. We filled a 40 gallon waste bin with leaves and had only cleared half our neighbours’ lawn, at which point we admitted defeat and I went home and carved a face in a pumpkin.

After that, worn out as I was, I made the girls walk with me up to Phinney Ridge, where we had hot chocolate and then walked down again, and they raged at me because Friday is meant to be a day when I spoil them (their words) and as I don’t want spoilt children, I couldn’t acquiesce with demands to buy more toys, when the house is already full of stuff that they don’t seem to value post acquisition. So that was fun, but I stuck to it, and my daughters are too efficient to stick to one line of complaining for long.

Oh, and they both were dressed in unicorn onesies the whole day, including leaf raking and walking activities. It’s an odd life, this.

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