A week after her fall, I took La Serpiente back to the hospital to have her stitches removed. That was at the Cleft and Craniofacial Clinic, which sounds both intimidating and just a bit wierd; “I’ve come to see the doctor about my cleft”, anyone?

The waiting area is designed to be quite fun; every treatment room is decorated from the outside to look like a shop. There’s a barber, a florist, a pet shop, and so on. I took La Serpiente on a tour and she got waylaid by the Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons on the TV. So much for inculcating good taste. 

We got there just in time for our appointment, unlike our doctor, who arrived an hour late. The actual consultation took about five minutes, after which we went into another room to have the stitches removed. La Serpiente was pretty brave; she grasped my hand for comfort and closed her eyes, but there was no yelping or wriggling, despite there being a big pair of scissors right up by her eyes. The wound has healed well; it’s still a bit pink, but that should fade with time. 

Afterwards, she got some My Little Pony stickers and a huge bag of Oreos to take away with her. Since I dropped her off at school, it was up to the professionals to deal with the sugar rush. And thence, off to work. 

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