I put my watch down somewhere two days ago, and I’ve no idea where that was. I assume it was somewhere in the apartment, but we’ve turned almost everything upside down to no avail. La Serpiente tried to help, by taking everything out of my underwear drawer and throwing it on the floor, but sadly that effort didn’t result in anything. At least for once I haven’t lost my wedding ring.

I tend to lose my wedding ring on a semi-regular basis, whenever I take it off and put it somewhere safe, and then forget what that safe place is. We have rather too much stuff in our apartment, and we also have the whirlwind of destruction which is La Serpiente, and when I’m stressed and tired I do dumb things like not put small and valuable possessions in a standard safe place where I’ll be able to find them again.

Instead, we have lots of things on top of things, precarious stacks all over the place. Occasionally (very occasionally) my frustration and rage at not being able to find things, and my shame at living in such squalor, overlap and overcome my tendency to want to do nothing apart from lie on the sofa and idly look at the internet, but in those few short hours between putting the kids to bed and sleeping yourself, I tend not to prioritise them.

(Incidentally, there was a psychological study that showed that if you tell people they have a limited amount of willpower, they tend to give up more easily. Which has bad consequences for all the articles I read about how you have a limited amount of willpower and should carefully husband it.)

This doesn’t help in locating my watch. I’m sure the only definite way to find it would be to buy a new one, at which point the first one would miraculously appear, but I don’t really have the budget for a new watch right now. Would anyone care to donate a watch, on the basis that might allow me to magically locate my own?

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