Waiting for extraction

Tomorrow, I’m not allowed to eat anything after 2 am, or drink anything after 6 am, because I’m going to get my wisdom teeth removed and that requires local anaesthetic. And you don’t want to have anything in you that you could vomit up.

Now, I don’t normally have much to eat at 3 in the morning, but there are those insomniac tofurkey binges from time to time, so maybe it was right for the dentist to tell me to stay well clear.

Afterwards, I’m not meant to go up stairs unaided in case I keel over, so it’ll be six hours sat under a blanket on the sofa, avoiding work. I was hoping to be a bit more productive in November, but between this, random school closure to give people long weekends, and Thanksgiving, not looking like I’m going to get much done.

I also realized that we’ve moved house six times since May. All that going back and forth is really beginning to wear me out; I’m hoping that six weeks in one place, and then moving back into our own house in January, will be an end to it.

I’m also feeling totally zonked. I need to get more sleep. Maybe anaesthetic counts, but that’s only for a few hours…

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