Walking back to happiness

For the first time in months and months, my wife and daughters accompanied me on the walk yo the office; every day La Serpiente has been at school, either I’d take her on the bus to school, or the rest of my family would go in one direction and I’d go in the other. It was nice to spend a bit of extra quality time with them before the office, even if I ended up staying late and getting home late again.

In between whiles, I had lunch with the Head of Digital for GroupM, the company that acquired our agency. We went to Labyrinth in the Esplanade, a restaurant that was trying so hard that before every dish was served, the staff had to explain not only how to eat it, but what it signified. However, as it was a set menu, we could concentrate more on big topics and less on whether to order the fish or the steak.

What was most significant from the hour we spent with him was the need to promote the work we do more, by outreach. We’re so busy internally that we don’t stop to look around (am I quoting Ferris Bueller by accident?). But if we did have a regular presence on the net, constantly talking about how great we are, we’d find it easier to obtain top talent. But then we’d have to spend time writing things to put on the net. And it’s not like I have time to write a blog every day.

Oh, hang on…

So I need to start writing something more significant more regularly. I also need to run more – at least I managed 20 minutes today. It’s a start. Another start. Fail better and all that…

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