Wet day in the PNW

It rained all day today, which wasn’t so great. Jetlagged, everyone woke up very early, and I spent some of the day driving people around, rather than have them pay Uber drivers for umpteen trips. I went with my sister, her friend and her daughter, and my wife, over to University Village. Starving hungry, we went to Shake Shack, where I eschewed the fairly revolting deep fried mushroom burger in favour of a grilled cheese, that old reliable.

Except Shake Shack’s grilled cheese was just a brioche burger bun squashed flat with a slice of cheese inside it, and that is an incredible way of getting a grilled cheese wrong – brioche doesn’t provide tbe right texture (too fluffy, perhaps?) and the cheese a total let down. Probably the second worst grilled cheese I ever had (worst ever was in August 2021 on the Olympic Peninsula, but I don’t want to remember that any more than necessary).

Exhausted by the day, I napped in the afternoon and attempted to explain American football to my father in the evening.

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