Wet Saturday

We had planned to go to Port Townsend today, but with heavy rain, we didn’t feel so keen on a long drive. Instead, I spent the morning cutting up sprues of Warhammer 40,000 miniatures to mail to people, and then at lunchtime we drove up to Sip and Ship to send them.

The queue wasn’t long at Sip and Ship but it still took an age. The woman in front of me got half way through her order, then decided she wanted to go and get a drink from the cooler by the door. Then she wandered out again and came back five minutes later, dragging two enormous black plastic sacks full of bubble wrap, and then went into a complicated process of mailing things totally unrelated (as far as I could tell) to the black sacks. I was at the other counter, being gently chided for mailing things in non standard sized envelopes, and she was still going ten minutes later.

I came out, my wife went in and mailed a couple of other things (a present to our friends in Singapore, a Christmas pudding to a friend in Michigan), and then we drove over to Amazon’s locker centre to return a defective toy. This is slightly more manual than I thought: you get a bar code from the website, a human being scans it and gives you another bar code, you stick that to your return then drop it through a window. But we had our return processed in a few hours, and by tomorrow Destroyer gets a new version of her toy car.

Then, as the rain showed no signs of abating, we went home via a doughnut shop and the girls watched a movie about child superheroes, with lots of slumming actors and slightly ropey CGI. Not that they seemed to mind.

So, although we had no exercise all day, and I ate probably one doughnut too many, not such a bad start to the year. I continued my unbeaten run (I drew my second game of Blood Bowl, but that still isn’t a loss) and I glued a bunch of toy soldiers together. Onwards to the return to reality…

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