Who Framed Roger Rabbit?

Today I went up to Everett and bought a new car, trading in my nearly-new Sonata for a brand new Hyundai Ioniq5, replacing the car that got totalled back in May. (More on cars another time…) That took a very long time and then I drove back and tried to compensate for my absence by showing the girls Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, a favourite from my childhood.
I was pleased to see that it lived up to my memories of it, and that both my girls enjoyed it (and didn’t freak out when toons get melted in turpentine, as my wife had worried they would). La Serpiente cuddled up to me but the unexpected consequence of her heavy head on my arm is it feels like my right shoulder has been separated, which is less than fun.

Still, with a late night watching a movie, both girls fell asleep pretty fast and I got to play a game of Blood Bowl while my wife fell asleep. La Serpiente now wants to read the novel that the film was based on, so I suppose I have to go and hunt that down…

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