Windy day

This morning there was a tornado warning for Kitsap County (to the west of Seattle) and the wind had already blown branches off the trees outside the house where we’re staying. I drove the girls to school to save them from the gales, and by the time I got home the sun was shining.

For all of about ten minutes – we were back to dark skies and rain the rest of the day. But the house hasn’t blown down, so there’s that.

We had a successful parts run today. We needed to get five feet of plastic conduit, and Home Depot only sells conduit in ten feet lengths, and won’t cut it to size. We also needed two feet of two inch galvanized steel pipe, with screw threads on either end, and had given up hope of finding that.

But then the local plumbing supplier, a few blocks from our house, cut and threaded pipe for us, and all of a sudden the unicorns of home improvement have been captured and stored in our living room for use at the start of next month. So that’s nice.

Work was a bit slow today; I was sluggish, struggling to prioritise, and falling victim to some long meetings with little to contribute. That made me more stressed as the evening came, and that made reorienting back to bedtime for the kids a struggle. Strangely stressed, I slumped in front of the TV for a while, then did just a little workout on the Oculus. Early night tonight, more wind tomorrow?

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