Wiring wiring wiring

We had planned to run our wiring through the upstairs of the house today, but cutting through drywall turned out to be a bit too hard, so it was down into the basement to drill holes and wire in the outlets. That’s about a quarter done, but the hard stuff (determining positions of holes for cables) is sorted.
Meanwhile, upstairs I’m maybe a day from having the door installed to our (as yet non existent) deck on the roof of the extension. Today they opened it up and I could see daylight from my desk for the first time since May – big changes indeed!

This evening, after putting the kids to bed, I drove to see a friend in Bothell with a 3-d printer, and schemed on the prizes we’re going to make for our tournament at the end of the month. It’s quite wild what we’ve come up with, but more details on that very very soon. For now, I have our neighbours’ cat to stroke and sleep to have.

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