Worldbean, JFK baggage reclaim, terminal 2

Despite feeling perky at Seattle, after a smooth flight over the Pacific, I still couldn’t keep my eyes open on the flight across to New York, and although they served a meal, it was almost entirely unmemorable. It involved quinoa. At least that was vegetarian, whereas on the Hong Kong-Seattle flight all I got from my Gold status and a request made three months in advance for a vegetarian meal was an omelette with a diminutive pork sausage in it, small enough to offend anyone who wanted a pork-based product, large enough to offend anyone who didn’t want one, the perfect storm of breakfast failure.

But let’s not dwell on that.

Inside the terminal building was a little unpleasant, all noisy and crowded. I went down to baggage reclaim, which is strangely unsupervised. There’s a doorway to the street and an unattended conveyor belt, making me wonder if somebody has a profitable line in stealing baggage from it. La Serpiente Aquatica Negra and my wife are thirty minutes behind me, so I go over to the Worldbean coffee shop, staffed by a friendly lady and with almost no corporate logo (it took me five minutes to determine the name for it).

They have no decaf, which is a shame, but they do give out free samples, which makes me sadder, because the Mexican blend they have is delicious. If you needed caffeine and were boracic, I guess you could do two or three espresso-cup sized samples and you’d be done.

As I want to sleep tonight, I constrained myself to a single sip, but I couldn’t go without making a purchase so I bought a bow tie doughnut. From behind the glass in the display cabinet it only appeared half the size it was in reality; it’s basically the proportions of two regular doughnuts, held together with glaze.

I scoffed half: a little sweet, a little bland, probably just the hit of sugar I needed while waiting. Now I just watch as the minutes tick down on DL6389’s approach. Its been landing for 18 minutes now, and I am impatient to have my wife and child in the same country as me, on the same bit of terrain, as soon as possible.

So: great coffee, good doughnut, nice staff. Shame I won’t be likely to return as it’s at arrivals, not departures, but there’s always another time.

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