Very little happening on Monday

I had a meeting near my flat this evening, so after I’d spent some time taking somebody through a set of analysis and explaining what it meant he should do, I went home and waited for my wife and kids to return. It was about six, things were quiet and so I lay on the sofa and rested my eyes for a moment. An hour later, La Serpiente bustled in and woke me up by laying on top of me, and then calling for her mother to come and look at her being cute.

As cute as 18 kg lying on your chest can be.

So I didn’t go to the track tonight (I suspect that running at that hard pace is not good for my plantar fascitis, so I’m going to try a more gentle session on Wednesday, and I’m also still exhausted from Saturday),so it made more sense to stay home and fill in paperwork. That’s what a thrilling Monday night looks like these days.

I also have a feeling that I drank slightly too much coffee today. A long black and an espresso shot when I didn’t really need it? No wonder I was feeling a bit flaky for the rest of the day. Sooner or later I’ve got to figure out how my body works, but not yet, apparently.

Anyway, after all this, I decided to do some press-ups on the floor this evening, while my wife looked a little aghast and teased me with Toblerone. I suppose you make your own entertainment.

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