Wandering around again

Today my commute wasn’t disrupted by any visiting heads of state or accompanying minibuses. Instead, I got on the wrong bus and had to disembark and hop on a hire bike to make it to the office in time for a meeting. That was as thrilling as it sounds.

When I got out of the office today, I went for a walk to try and find the most efficient way home (I moved office on Monday, and annoyingly although the new office is closer to home than my old one, because of the labyrinth of building work surrounding it, it takes me about twice as long to travel to and from home.) I discovered lots of things on my walk, like a Pizza Express and some barricades, but no shortcut home.

When I did get home, I watched an hour of fitness videos on YouTube, starting with a woman who successfully trained for a marathon in just 10 weeks (and who then ran a 3:25 time, which puts my two-year effort to break 3:30 to shame) and then I swiftly progressed to a man making snark comments about people with very poor form trying to lift massive weights. After that inspiring time, and after catching up with my wife and kids, I went out and did 6 pretty terrible pull ups, which along with my 4 minutes of hollow body exercise means I’ve been vaguely consistent with the work I’ve done to show my body who’s boss.

Anyway, in an effort to get healthier Im attempting to get more sleep. By staying up late. Stupid, really.

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