150 and done

I woke from a bad dream this morning, where my wife and I were vehemently arguing about something trivial, and then, seeing it was not even 6 o’clock, played my 150th game of Blood Bowl.
This was another hard one; I had only 11 goblins, most of which were bringing secret weapons like chainsaws and hand grenades, and that meant they all got banned after the first touchdown. The few that remained were unlikely to prevent the onslaught of the enemy, even if the enemy were bone headed Ogres and titchy snotlings.

Still, I did my best, and scored once, but once was not enough, and when I had no players left he won 2-1 on the last turn. And now I’ve played 150 randomly assigned matches with five teams, and that resolution is complete.

It’s taught me not to give up. Various matches in this period I’ve had a bad start, but realised if I keep on pressuring my opponent, I can turn the game around. When I have given up, it’s generally been worse.

Even in games where I’ve lost, punished by poor strategy and dice, at least I’ve not been a walkover. As much as possible I don’t complain about bad dice, and so it’s nice when after a game I get told I was pushing them hard. Better than just being a walkover.

Now I’ve played all those matches, I’m at a bit of a loss. Do I play more? Do I concentrate on my MBA? Or do I just muck about on the banjo? Whatever, I’m having an early night tonight…

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