20 September, 2020 14:38

The smoke cleared, and so with fresh air again, we could leave the house. The girls scampered up to our friend’s house on 75th to get in their car and go to a hike. On the way there, a bee sting La Serpiente on the back of the neck, which startled her for a moment. As ever, our hardy daughter was upset and cried at the pain, but soon resolved to put it behind her and carry on. We’ve built her tough.
The hike was a short one, only about two miles around Carkeek Park. The trails were busy; everyone was desperate to get out, I guess. I still felt exhausted when we got home, although that may have been the lack of coffee. We went out again after I got back, walking up to Phinney Ridge for books and coffee, and then walking down again.

Then one of the girls’ friends came over and they had dinner and watched Trolls II, while we parents got drunk on raspberry brandy and ate pizza in the background. A good day. Tomorrow, if sober, I’m going climbing again. I hope all the work on the chin up bar is going to pay off …

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