34″ wide and all sorts of trouble

My new monitor arrived last night, a 34" wide screen, perfect for looking at lots of things at once, and so today I mounted it on my desk. To do so I co-opted my wife and got her to hold the monitor in place while I screwed the backplate of the monitor mount onto the monitor. Or rather, as I kept dropping screws and washers all over the place and panicked myself. But finally it was done.
I turned on my computer. I plugged in the new monitor. The screen lit up. The middle third, that is. I had a 34" wide monitor that was totally black for 10 inches on either side, and although my laptop recognised the screen dimensions, it refused to make use of them. I’d just wasted hours of my life making my current monitor wider without adding any actual benefits.

Luckily, one reboot later the screen was working perfectly, but all that nonsense got us to 11 without achieving anything – the rest of the day went better, I’m pleased to say.

I’ve lost the Blood Bowl players I customised and painted last week, which is annoying. I’m sure they’ll turn up somewhere, but who knows where, who knows when? It’s intimidating to consider looking through all the mounds of Blood Bowl stuff we have, along with the empty box for a 34" wide monitor. Maybe something for later this week…

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