A bad day

I had a bad day today. I’m not sure quite why, but I was in a bad mood from start to finish. It might have been having constant meetings from 9 until 2 in the afternoon, it might have been being cooped up, but I was peevish and ratty and never really calmed down.
About 3pm, La Serpiente asked to go on a bike ride. So I stopped raging at my computer and we all rode out to the sea. I’ve been letting her navigate, to give her choices in where to go, and she got herself most of the way there.

Strangely, although she’s strong and willing to ride up hills, La Serpiente isn’t so happy riding down them. On the last stretch home today, as I was a little way ahead of her, I heard and bang and then a wail – she’d fallen off her bike on a flat bit of rode, no bumps visible. She howled and cried for a bit with the shock, and then I got her to walk the last block home while I carried her bike back. So she was alright – just a few scratches – but I worry about the state of her bike, because it shouldn’t just fling her off like that. The sooner I get her a bigger bike, the better.

The girls put themselves down tonight, or rather they demanded to, and then faffed about for an hour. Destroyer kept coming down to see us, while La Serpiente slept on the landing, and I had to carry both of them back to bed, which was hard on my tired legs.

Hopefully tomorrow we will all be back to normal.

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    • I think there’s some kind of safety mechanism inside the fork to stop the bars rotating too far in one direction or the other. Except like such overcomplications, it goes wrong sometimes and the ‘cure’ is worse than the problem it’s trying to fix.

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