A bedtime story and some swimming

Tonight I told the girls a story about Derek Potato. As is probably quite obvious from the name, Derek Potato is a large man with a big hat and a coat, who invented potatoes and now lives in a very large house. His niece, Denise, is sent to visit him by her parents, with a basket full of salt and vinegar and handkerchiefs, so they can make chips. Unfortunately, she’s followed through the woods by a donkey called Blancmange, who, after talking to her, sneaks ahead and swallows Derek Potato.

Denise the niece arrives at the house and goes to find Derek Potato. Upstairs in his room she finds what appears to be Derek Potato slumbering in his bed, but is actually Blancmange. Hilarity ensues, Derek escapes (but is now covered in donkey fluids and needs to be cleaned) and they all have chips.

I think I remember that accurately…

Slightly later, I went swimming. I did 16 laps tonight, which confused my watch a bit. Feeling bold with my new goggles, I did two laps without stopping, then another two, and then ten laps much more slowly before finishing with a double length at the end. None of which would have been possible a few weeks ago. I’m now feeling more confident that if I keep this up, I might be able to stretch out to doing lots of laps in succession without pausing. If I can do 50m reliably, I think I can probably extend to 75 quite easily. But we shall see. I’m a bit zonked now, so I’ll do a bit of playing on my Oculus then head to bed; it is an early day tomorrow, after all, with the kids in school for 8 o’clock once more…

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