A bit broken

“Do you need a medical certificate to take the day off work?” my osteopath asked, quite kindly. I sit at a desk all day and the most strenuous it gets is walking out to buy a sandwich, but it was nice for him to offer.

My toe is no longer a revolting shade of purple, but it’s still swollen and when he squeezed it, there was still a sharp pain. I am not in the habit of squeezing my toes, and that’s the kind of thing I rely on medical experts.

Depressingly, I’ve got three more weeks before I’m meant to run on it. I can give up on taping it to its fellow toe, but that means the two runs I had this weekend were certainly against the doctor’s orders. Typical running behaviour to prioritise the short term joy of getting out, vs the long term satisfaction of working toes.

On the other foot, I am incredibly busy right now, and so I suppose not having to find an hour to go running as well as everything else stuffed into my day is a bit of a mercy. I’m worried what will happen when May comes and I try to go back from zero to hero again. Still, only three weeks…

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