A bit busy

Today I took the girls to their local coffee shop, or at least the one where I always stop on my way to and from the cliffs when we go riding. I didn’t feel like bringing a bag but I realised part way there that I had a hankering for more coffee beans, so I got Destroyer to hold tight to the bag when I bought them, and then tried to not choose too bumpy a ride home.
La Serpiente, meanwhile, is getting more and more confident on her bike, especially now I’ve taught her how to ride off curbs. Well, I say taught her; I’ve shared the principles with her of how to do it, and she manages to remember about a quarter of the time.

She also crashed just outside the coffee shop today, a loud slam to the floor that scared people around us, but she leapt up proclaiming she was OK. She’d managed a tiny, fingernail sized graze on her elbow, but was otherwise perfectly happy, my redoubtable child.

So we ate cookies, then sweets (the key to my girls’ hearts is to feed them, and feed them constantly) then rode back, deposited the girls in the living room with Lego and colouring books, and then dived back into the world of work. I also had two different people admire my bike today. The girls must have done a good clean on it.

And so, again, to bed.

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  1. Oh that’s brilliant! Well done! Our Head of PE videoed his 13 year cycling down a steep rocky slope and falling off right at the end and he said Oh dear never mind. When commented on, he just said, She’s quite tough.

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