A bit more sickness

My wife took the girls to the doctor today – Destroyer was running a fever again – and got her diagnosed with strep. At least that means she has antibiotics now, so hopefully she’ll be better soon (and so will my wife).

What we hadn’t realised was that in the US you have to make an appointment to see a doctor – we’re used to turning up to the GP’s surgery in Singapore and just waiting an hour and a half to see somebody. Whereas now my wife turned up, had no appointment and had to wait an hour and a half. So I guess maybe everything is the same as it was before.

I spent the day at work, gradually suffering more from indigestion as the day went by. I’ve managed to avoid eating lots of cheese and haven’t had any scrambled eggs for breakfast, so the first three days of my attempt to eat slightly more healthily is going ok. My shoulders are really sore though, a pain I haven’t felt for a long long while, which I worry may be because it’s colder in Seattle than Singapore.

I walked home, suffering a dreadful headache, put La Serpiente to bed, booked some Amtrak tickets and watched What We Do In The Shadows, and then groaned and literally bellyached for a while. On to the next amazing day…

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