A bit of a day

I got up early, opened up the basement for the drywallers to get in, then rode to work. I’ve mislaid my bike lock, and the only place I could think it might be was in the bike store at work. It wasn’t there. Rather than leave the bike unlocked all day (losing two bikes in less than two months would be a bit much) do I went out and bought a new lock, one that can be attached to the top tube of my bike, which hopefully means I can’t forget it so easily.
I was meant to read the girls their bedtime story today, but I’d forgotten to bring the book with me to work. Instead, I told them a story about the four pigs having a race down a steep hill in pursuit of a wheel of cheese.

(Daddy Pig and Prancledance Fuffergump failed to get down the hill, and Teapot and Snowflake arrived neck and neck, only to find the Bandersnatch had failed to set the cheese rolling from the top of the hill. Destroyer pointed out at the end of the story that she’d noticed the Bandersnatch hadn’t let the cheese loose, which goes to show how nothing gets past her.)

I rode home after a long day, then lay on the sofa, fairly broken after that cycling, and after an hour of lassitude, forced myself to go and climb. I’m hoping tomorrow that doesn’t prove to be a mistake.

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