A bit of painting

I got home today to find the girls scootering around the playground outside our block. Yesterday, they’d been out playing there before they had dinner, and that put a right crimp in the evening because dinner didn’t finish until nearly 8pm and they lollygagged after that. Tonight, there was no fuss and as they were tired they were asleep before eight, which meant I could devote the evening to sensible adult pursuits, like playing Blood Bowl and painting toy soldiers:

Oh, and I made my wife a gin and tonic, so that was something useful. I had also brought another seed home for Destroyer (as her class are doing lots of things about seeds this term). Today it was a sunflower seed (yesterday I brought her a pumpkin seed, which I unhelpfully misidrntified as a sunflower seed). Tomorrow, who knows? Perhaps a kumquat, or a lycee. Destroyer wanted a banana seed, and I tried to explain to her that the Cavendish doesn’t reproduce through seeds but through some sort of cloning, and she paid no attention and ran away screaming. 
So there’s always that. 

Tomorrow, my boss goes on paternity so I have a motbh of Responsibility to provide. I think playing 28 games of Blood Bowl in the first 29 days of January is clearly a good preparation for February. 

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